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Moisturizer – enriched with vitamins and honey

Rich in vitamins and honey, and natural biologically active ingredients.

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Production Information
How to use Take a small amount and gently apply to the skin until it is completely absorbed. It can be more effective when using with our Cleansing Milk and Toner. 
—————— Rich in vitamins and honey
  Rich in vitamins and honey, and natural biologically active ingredients.
—————— Enhance the skin’s antioxidant
  Using the unique formula of carrot oil, the Hebrew University Hospital of Israel confirmed that it can enhance your skin’s antioxidant and avoid aging.
—————— Effectively prevent wrinkles and dryness 
  Promote skin cell proliferation and metabolism, and therefore effectively prevent the formation of wrinkles. 
—————— Certified anti-allergic effect ​
  Official certification of anti-allergy in Israel